Loot N Run

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Loot N Run is a game designed by Christian Lemay, and distributed by iELLO Games. The directions are in the title; Loot and Run. Everyone picks from six colors of scoring tokens. You keep one and put the other on the zero space on the scoring board attached to box. Shuffle the room cards into two piles and place them in the center, where everyone can reach. Then you start playing by looting, running and awakening. 2 to 6 players can partake in this exciting pyramid adventure. The goal of the game is to get 35 points by looting the most treasure and running out of the pyramid. Each action you can do is described on a playing card along with what happens if you come across certain monsters like a Mummy, Frankenstein or Werewolf.

Just like all iELLO games, Loot N Run is easy to learn and is very simple to play. It is quick to pick up and fun for all ages. On the box it says 8+, but with no reading you could definitely have younger kids play. It shouldn’t take more than one or two full rounds for everyone to grasp the concept of the game. I played the game with 2 other people and it was very fast. We played 2 games in 20 minutes. The play time varies based on number of players.

I can’t forget to mention the artwork. It was done by a NILS. On the Loot N Run box, there is a website that you can go to, to see what other work he has done. His artwork is amazing and very creative. So make sure to check out his website to see a bunch of his artwork. When you pick up a box of Loot N Run make sure to look for little things in the monsters like the Werewolf having an earring or the Mummy with a watch or how Frankenstein has on a Pink Floyd t-shirt.

Loot N Run is a fun, quick, silly game that is enjoyable for everyone. It’s easy to learn and great for a quick pocket game or a family game night. It’s worth picking up and running away with. Just don’t wake the monsters if you do.


  • 54 Room Cards (12 red, 18 yellow, and 24 green)
  • 12 Scoring tokens
  • 1 Rules sheet
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